Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fictional or real

Somebody recently told me that it's weird that some fictional characters have more of an emotional hold over me than real people. Well, I don't reckon that's weird at all.
Some fictional characters, are, quite simply more interesting that most real people. Weird eh? But it's a fact, people, in general, aren't that interesting. Some are very much so, and I try to make those my friends. Others aren't, they just conform, do what everyone else does. But some fiction (not many, only the really good ones) have incredibly deep, complex and interesting characters, far more than most real life people. Thus, I become more interested in them, and take more interest in them. So one somebody says "Oh, how sad is it that Heath Ledger died," I just think, hey it was way sadder when Aeris died. Ok, bad example, but you might see my point. Does that make me inhumane, or weird, because I think fictional characters can be more engaging then most real life people? Or maybe it's just that I've never personally felt much of an emotional bond to people I don't know well. This comment will stir up some controversy, but one example is Nathan Francis. More than half of the people who attended his Scotch funeral barely knew the guy, but claimed his death would greatly affect them. Some people, definitely, but most? I reckon that's plain bullcrap. Now, I'm not disrespecting Nathan's death, I just think most people don't care as much as they claim to. It's just another fact to most people. Now I'm gonna get a lotta replies saying "WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU" or "HOW DARE YOU INSULT NATHAN FRANCIS" for this, but its exactly how I feel, and deep down, I reckon it's how most people feel. They just won't admit it because they don't believe they feel that way or because they're afraid what people will say if they do. But hey, what do I care what people think of me?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Tragicomedy, or so I think

Wow, just wow. Best form of black comedy I have ever seen. Just beautiful.
Some people with think I'm bizarre for posting this, or an emo or something.
But I've already written on that, check my previous blog posts.