Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I died and went to heaven and it was called

was awesome. I had to make a post about it since it was just so awesome. Despite convinving myself I'd try to not put retarded things up anymore, I gave in since that was a particularly retarded day for me.

Achievements Unlocked:

Radioactive Pocki Lover
Awarded for eating Pocki with S.T.A.L.K.E.R. the Shadow of Chernobyl

Hugger of Heroes
Awarded for hugging Link the Hero of time multiple times and becoming bestest friends

Ico is cool
Awarded for becoming friends with Ico, duuh

Awarded for triggering an awesome swordfight between Nero and Wong

Awarded for posing with Phoenix Wright

I'm Riku goddammit!
Awarded for Mistaking Riku for Sephiroth and continuing to do so, thus making an enemy

Domo Arigato
Awarded for giving Domo-kun the power of flight, then using said power.

A lot more stuff went down, but I didn't do it, just watched. But you better go next time. Yes YOU

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Poems of Awesome people

A bit of fun between friends, I picked the best few and put them up. Sorry Wong, but yours were just "revised" versions of others. Most of them are by Wensi though, but what can I say? She writes well. The last one's brilliant.

the wall seemed to grow as time-
it passes, but how quickly?
with great speed, it shot up until
the sky could no longer be seen.

Poetry-the art of language
beauty in the words, flowing everlasting
vibrant, lively, magically,
transfering beauty to words transending time, spreading
like a plague...
Coz its actually shit

spinning in the breeze,
the screams are floating;
floating away on a boat made of dreams.
can anyone hear it?

the commander stands;
the click of his iron boots sends fear
shuddering through the hearts of children
watching through the rigid bars.
wafting through the breeze,
the sounds surround the watchers
as they become the watched.
the screaming begins.
-Wensi (again lol)

And to top it all off

like the gold leaf on sparkling ring,
the lives of wong and ying;
best friends till the end,
they'll never pretend;
(chris doesn't know a thing)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008



Stooph was not here.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fictional or real

Somebody recently told me that it's weird that some fictional characters have more of an emotional hold over me than real people. Well, I don't reckon that's weird at all.
Some fictional characters, are, quite simply more interesting that most real people. Weird eh? But it's a fact, people, in general, aren't that interesting. Some are very much so, and I try to make those my friends. Others aren't, they just conform, do what everyone else does. But some fiction (not many, only the really good ones) have incredibly deep, complex and interesting characters, far more than most real life people. Thus, I become more interested in them, and take more interest in them. So one somebody says "Oh, how sad is it that Heath Ledger died," I just think, hey it was way sadder when Aeris died. Ok, bad example, but you might see my point. Does that make me inhumane, or weird, because I think fictional characters can be more engaging then most real life people? Or maybe it's just that I've never personally felt much of an emotional bond to people I don't know well. This comment will stir up some controversy, but one example is Nathan Francis. More than half of the people who attended his Scotch funeral barely knew the guy, but claimed his death would greatly affect them. Some people, definitely, but most? I reckon that's plain bullcrap. Now, I'm not disrespecting Nathan's death, I just think most people don't care as much as they claim to. It's just another fact to most people. Now I'm gonna get a lotta replies saying "WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU" or "HOW DARE YOU INSULT NATHAN FRANCIS" for this, but its exactly how I feel, and deep down, I reckon it's how most people feel. They just won't admit it because they don't believe they feel that way or because they're afraid what people will say if they do. But hey, what do I care what people think of me?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Tragicomedy, or so I think

Wow, just wow. Best form of black comedy I have ever seen. Just beautiful.
Some people with think I'm bizarre for posting this, or an emo or something.
But I've already written on that, check my previous blog posts.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Jumped the art bandwagon. Got bored in English, and this came to life. He's casting a spell of happy on me.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

More to come?

These poem's (and the source of their inspiration) mellow me out an amazing amount. They actually saved 3 of my exams. So I might keep making them, depending on the response I get. If you reckon I should, tell me. If you think I shouldn't, also do so.

Monday, June 2, 2008


I wrote this while waiting for my english exam to be picked up
Some will get the references. Most won't

The Price of Freedom

Wings freed me
But made me a monster

Wings freed me
And made me an angel

Without freedom
I had dreams

To be a hero
For the people

Unatainable dreams
are the best kind

Now I am a hero
I am a monster

Now I am a monster
I am an angel

Now I am saved
The Gift of the Goddess

Now I dream
As I lie

I am called:

The World's Enemy

The Unknown Angel

The Dying Hero

The Memory

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Things to do before die list

This list started a long time ago in my head, but i decided to jot it down. But since it's kinda important to me I decided to stick it up here. It's short right now, but soon it will grow. It's longer in my head, but these are the must-dos, not the like to dos

1. Go to Tokyo
That place is just the most awesome place ever invented, so I have to go.
2. Fall in Love (or try to)
Something people have told me is good, but my personal belief is it doesn't happen. But who am i to spite? I'll try
3. Place a rose by the grave of Albert Camus
Nothing has changed my life more than "L'Etranger"

Thursday, April 10, 2008

So I'm a freak am I?

Ok, apparently, because I relate to the protagonist in "The Outsider", I’m a freak. If you’ve read the book, you’ll understand. If you haven’t, you should , but basically Meursault (that’s his name) is a man who is brutally honest about everything, his feelings, his life. He refuses to lie to save his life. And simply because he doesn’t regret killing a man who nearly killed his best friend, and because he didn’t cry at his mother’s funeral, he is deemed a threat to society and executed.
So I relate to this guy. Big, fucking deal. I’m not cold and heartless. I’m just one of the few our age who realises we’re all like that. And I’m not the only one. Would you honestly regret murdering someone who was going to kill you, who hated your best friend with a passion, who was going to kill your best friend? I don’t think you truly would.
I wonder if by doing this, I’ll end up like Meursault, deemed an "Outsider".
Society has conditioned beliefs into us so strongly that we believe them. Some help keep society running smoothly, others are just stupid. You SHOULD cry at your mother’s funeral, you SHOULD regret committing a crime. Now I’m not saying i don’t love my mother (and Meurcault loved his mother too, very much), but what’s dead is dead. Of course one would miss her, but she’s gone.
Now most people would probaly think I’m an inexperienced idiot, whose never experienced death or any other strong feelings. You’d be wrong. I’ve seen my fair share of the stuff, you want proof, ask me about it. But it’s never affected me strongly. I don’t believe in destiny, religion or any other crap, but I don’t feel empty, or that my life lacks fufillment. I just take a very scientific view to everything. And i’m perfectly happy like that.
And apparently, because of that, certain people view me as very strange. Well, screw you.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Worst mistake ever (For God's sake don't read this)

Why do we lie to one another? If we didn't lie, no-one would ever get hurt. All because some people are just too damn embarrased to tell the truth. I hope you never, ever read this though. But why the fuck do I believe that? Because you believe the same thing? Because you copy me or because I copy you? Because we all just believe it's better not to say, then one idiotic guy comes along, breaks every convention and destroys everything he tried to protect. Smooth mate. We have rules for a reason. "But they're idiotic" he says. "That's true, but they protect us" "From what?" "Ourselves". So damn true. I'm so sorry, and if you read this you'll think I'm even more fucked than before. Or maybe...just maybe I was right. Maybe we didn't tell the truth at all and we both lied the whole time. In that case, we're both hurt. But fuck this. Fuck it all. These conventions are retarded. I don't even know what to say anymore. I thought I was so fucking clever. I was so fucking wrong. Those rules were put there for a reason. I just didnt realise. Still, maybe if we all tore them down together, instead of just one person. There'd be a lot more honesty, but a lot more hurt. I guess I just made the wrong choice.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


I've been thinking (yeah it's rare but it does happen). Something on a friend's blog made me think, maybe i should post something that actually mean's something... as well as all the pointless crap the readers of my blog are entertained by (you do exist don't you?). Possibly meaningful things coming up

Winning $2.50 makes me happy

Cox had a bit of a poker night, so the whole gang turned up. Pot of $25 for a winner and $5 for 2nd place. Pretty high stakes...Yeah me and Josh with the game faces on. Plus the sun seems not to like me.

Yeah well Coxxy/Freddo were pretty shit, knocked out early, but Josh, Charlie n me held on for a while. Bowles won out in the end, me and Charlie splitting 2nd place.

Plus Rama unleashed his secret alter ego, Goofy-boy. His alter ego wasn't very good at poker.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Friend's have blogs too

This one's short. All you ahve to do is check out the following asian style (like mine) blogs.
Yeah, i cbf adding hyper-links

Explosive movie

I saw an incredible movie yesterday. I d/l it, so I'm sad, but to make up for it, I'm gonna buy the DVD (to support it). It's called Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, and it's awesome. End of story. Go see it. Like now. What are you waiting for? Go!
It's a musical/noir comedy/slasher and it's fantastic.