Thursday, April 10, 2008

So I'm a freak am I?

Ok, apparently, because I relate to the protagonist in "The Outsider", I’m a freak. If you’ve read the book, you’ll understand. If you haven’t, you should , but basically Meursault (that’s his name) is a man who is brutally honest about everything, his feelings, his life. He refuses to lie to save his life. And simply because he doesn’t regret killing a man who nearly killed his best friend, and because he didn’t cry at his mother’s funeral, he is deemed a threat to society and executed.
So I relate to this guy. Big, fucking deal. I’m not cold and heartless. I’m just one of the few our age who realises we’re all like that. And I’m not the only one. Would you honestly regret murdering someone who was going to kill you, who hated your best friend with a passion, who was going to kill your best friend? I don’t think you truly would.
I wonder if by doing this, I’ll end up like Meursault, deemed an "Outsider".
Society has conditioned beliefs into us so strongly that we believe them. Some help keep society running smoothly, others are just stupid. You SHOULD cry at your mother’s funeral, you SHOULD regret committing a crime. Now I’m not saying i don’t love my mother (and Meurcault loved his mother too, very much), but what’s dead is dead. Of course one would miss her, but she’s gone.
Now most people would probaly think I’m an inexperienced idiot, whose never experienced death or any other strong feelings. You’d be wrong. I’ve seen my fair share of the stuff, you want proof, ask me about it. But it’s never affected me strongly. I don’t believe in destiny, religion or any other crap, but I don’t feel empty, or that my life lacks fufillment. I just take a very scientific view to everything. And i’m perfectly happy like that.
And apparently, because of that, certain people view me as very strange. Well, screw you.


Benjii said...

Bloody awesome rant. More! I DEMAND MORE IN THE NAME OF ENGLISH!


Wongsta said...

Yes. I was wondering if i would actually cry at a funeral. We'll see.

(haven't cried for a couple years actually :-( )