Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Things to do before die list

This list started a long time ago in my head, but i decided to jot it down. But since it's kinda important to me I decided to stick it up here. It's short right now, but soon it will grow. It's longer in my head, but these are the must-dos, not the like to dos

1. Go to Tokyo
That place is just the most awesome place ever invented, so I have to go.
2. Fall in Love (or try to)
Something people have told me is good, but my personal belief is it doesn't happen. But who am i to spite? I'll try
3. Place a rose by the grave of Albert Camus
Nothing has changed my life more than "L'Etranger"


Anonymous said...

Number 3 is a very interesting comment... judging from The Outsider I think Camus would appreciate being remembered.

Anonymous said...

You should also try to free Tibet before you die, communism has lost all meaning, Marxism will be the future again!!!