Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Poems of Awesome people

A bit of fun between friends, I picked the best few and put them up. Sorry Wong, but yours were just "revised" versions of others. Most of them are by Wensi though, but what can I say? She writes well. The last one's brilliant.

the wall seemed to grow as time-
it passes, but how quickly?
with great speed, it shot up until
the sky could no longer be seen.

Poetry-the art of language
beauty in the words, flowing everlasting
vibrant, lively, magically,
transfering beauty to words transending time, spreading
like a plague...
Coz its actually shit

spinning in the breeze,
the screams are floating;
floating away on a boat made of dreams.
can anyone hear it?

the commander stands;
the click of his iron boots sends fear
shuddering through the hearts of children
watching through the rigid bars.
wafting through the breeze,
the sounds surround the watchers
as they become the watched.
the screaming begins.
-Wensi (again lol)

And to top it all off

like the gold leaf on sparkling ring,
the lives of wong and ying;
best friends till the end,
they'll never pretend;
(chris doesn't know a thing)

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Anonymous said...

Hah, I like your effort.

Here's my shamelessly promoted old effort at poetry...